Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Search For Honor, Revenge and Impossible Love ~ 47 Ronin L.A Times

Keanu Reeves had every reason to sound tired but his voice was pulsing with an enthusiasm that was impossible to miss even across a crackling international phone line. “We just wrapped. It was our last day here in Hungary, we’re in Budapest,” Reeves said from the set of “47 Ronin,” the period-piece epic that’s due in theaters in November 2012.  “We had about 34 shooting days here. Then off to England. It’s been amazing so far. Do you know the story of the ’47 Ronin’? It’s a story of honor, revenge and impossible love. It’s famous in Japan.”


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  1. eloquently spoken once againe! such a remarkable interview! thank ye for posting! ~~<3<3~~