Friday, March 25, 2011

Accident On The Set Of 47 Ronin

The Hollywood star in one of the action scenes Keanu accidently broke his  Japanese co-stars,  Hiroyuki Sanada  nose in Budapest -   Keanu Reeves (46), Spartan discipline and hard working rhythm  already has won respect from his colleagues. The Hollywood actor began filming his latest film in the middle of March. The 47 rónin, which is about a team szamurájról, who swear revenge after the death of their master.
The historical film, shot in studio in Raleigh Rakospalota Reeves plays Kaito, who is the initial conflict, despite the samurai leader, Oishi - Hiroyuki Sanada who develop - will be an ally in the bosszúhadjáratban by the evil Mr. Kikuchi (Tadanobu Asano), fought against.

Great for our country szamurájfilm "secrets" to a requesting anonymity excitement back into the insider Blikk readers who said the Hollywood actor exemplary professionalism and determination.
- working with incredible discipline and perseverance. Every workout in the morning to start the day, even during the breaks in the filming . Sztárallűrjei did not, however, by a little loner. The shootings, even after the very act anywhere, but this is understandable since early in the morning until ten at night working  hard - the actor is one of this newspaper revealed his Hungarian counterpart, she is totally impressed with Reeves professionalism, even being injured the Hollywood actor works a perfect scene.

- After some time we have noticed, he began to limp, is certainly one of harcjelenet sérülhetett it. Húzódásnál a more serious wrong with him but fortunately did not fall. Moreover, In each scene even with each hard swing of the sword. Since accidentally crushing Sanada's nose with his sword, and even when he was something odacsapott the chest to the air trapped in poor long seconds.

In spite of minor accidents but no Keanu, neither the Japanese colleagues can not complain, really everyone is a discipline for doing its job as it used to be a true samurai - we were able to impose a 47 bennfentesétől.­nu-reeves-2011-03-25/


  1. I have mentioned before about these kind of films. Young actors who go through years of training do a lot of stage combat training. Established actors only get weeks to train with a martial arts master but not a stage combat trainer. I feel it is important to have both. Keanu is 46 years old he's not a spring chicken. There should be every available source made for everyone who is on a set like the 47 Ronin. I can imagine Keanu is suffering some aches and pain. He probably feels like crap for his colleagues nose too. Hope they are taking more precaution and that the nose is healing quickly.

  2. Keanu has suffered from knee problems since the Matrix. Not sure if he hurt himself filming the movies or after one of his motorcycle accidents. He has voiced his problems with his knees. We have all been praying that things go smoothly for them on the set of 47 Ronin.

  3. You broke dudes nose man!? Sending healing vibes to the 47 Ronin set. Hope the producers are looking for some stage combat folks. I heard the stage combat person Kill Bill had was pretty awesome.