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On The Set Of The 47 Ronin =)

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Accident On The Set Of 47 Ronin

The Hollywood star in one of the action scenes Keanu accidently broke his  Japanese co-stars,  Hiroyuki Sanada  nose in Budapest -   Keanu Reeves (46), Spartan discipline and hard working rhythm  already has won respect from his colleagues. The Hollywood actor began filming his latest film in the middle of March. The 47 rónin, which is about a team szamurájról, who swear revenge after the death of their master.
The historical film, shot in studio in Raleigh Rakospalota Reeves plays Kaito, who is the initial conflict, despite the samurai leader, Oishi - Hiroyuki Sanada who develop - will be an ally in the bosszúhadjáratban by the evil Mr. Kikuchi (Tadanobu Asano), fought against.

Great for our country szamurájfilm "secrets" to a requesting anonymity excitement back into the insider Blikk readers who said the Hollywood actor exemplary professionalism and determination.
- working with incredible discipline and perseverance. Every workout in the morning to start the day, even during the breaks in the filming . Sztárallűrjei did not, however, by a little loner. The shootings, even after the very act anywhere, but this is understandable since early in the morning until ten at night working  hard - the actor is one of this newspaper revealed his Hungarian counterpart, she is totally impressed with Reeves professionalism, even being injured the Hollywood actor works a perfect scene.

- After some time we have noticed, he began to limp, is certainly one of harcjelenet sérülhetett it. Húzódásnál a more serious wrong with him but fortunately did not fall. Moreover, In each scene even with each hard swing of the sword. Since accidentally crushing Sanada's nose with his sword, and even when he was something odacsapott the chest to the air trapped in poor long seconds.

In spite of minor accidents but no Keanu, neither the Japanese colleagues can not complain, really everyone is a discipline for doing its job as it used to be a true samurai - we were able to impose a 47 bennfentesétől.­nu-reeves-2011-03-25/

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Shibasaki Kou Makes Hollywood Debut ~ 47 Ronin

It’s been revealed that 29-year-old actress
 Shibasaki Kou will make her Hollywood debut in the film “47 RONIN“, slated for release in December, 2012.

Auditions for the female lead role were secretly conducted last November, and Shibasaki won the role by impressing the director with her outstanding acting skills.

At the press reveal for the film, the director excitedly proclaimed the Shibasaki, “
Has a feminine quality that isn’t found in the West, and elegance like (Audrey) Hepburn. She’s clearly able to become an international star, and I’ve discovered her.”

Shibasaki has been studying English for a few hours everyday since last December, as the script is entirely in English. She told reporters in English that she was “so excited!” when she found out she got the part.

Her co-star, Reeves, said, “She’s mysterious and beautiful, and an actress who can portray any role.
The 4-month filming process for the film will begin on March 14th in Hungary, and continue in London, England, and Japan.

Cast Photos From Press Conference

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47 Ronin Film Set

SHEPPERTON Studios is continuing to build Japanese-style buildings on an external film set, despite a decision on an application seeking permission for the work being deferred at a council planning meeting.

Executives at the studios have begun construction on the Backlot site, rumoured to be for Keanu Reeves' new movie 47 Ronin, even though the development has not yet been formally approved by councillors.
Richard Smith-Ainsley, ward councillor for Laleham and Shepperton Green, said: "The original recommendation before the committee was to refuse the application, and amongst other issues to serve an enforcement notice to require that a part of the site being used as an external film set must be reinstated to its previous conditions."
The planning application was recommended for refusal by Spelthorne councillors at a recent meeting, but it was deferred to be considered at a later date after a request by Shepperton Studios.
Cllr Smith-Ainsley said: "An important consideration for not accepting the studios' request to defer the application was that the archaeological works that they were mandated to carry out before any development had begun were not carried out.
"The county council archaeologist produced a late letter stating that he considered that any damage that would be done had already been done, so this reduced the significance of the main reason for not deferring the application.
"We expect the studios to resubmit their application soon and the planning committee will then determine it."
Andrew Smith, director of Shepperton Studios, said: "We have been working with the council and statutory consultees in relation to the technical matters, including archaeology, ecology, transport and flooding since the submission of the application for temporary use of the Shepperton Studios Backlot and an adjacent site to the north west, for the construction of film sets and workshops for a temporary period of seven months, to meet the needs of a specific film production.
"In order to fully address these issues we asked for a deferment, which was granted." 

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The Fukushima 50 And The 47 Ronin

How are they similar to the 47 Ronin? A ronin is a masterless samurai. There is no greater shame for a samurai than to have no master. It is unfathomable for the samurai to have no one to look up to; no one that they consider their superior; no one to work for; no one that they can pledge their allegiance to; no one to unify them into a clan.

Shepperton Studios

SHEPPERTON studios is continuing to build Japanese-style buildings on an external film set, despite an application seeking permission for the work being deferred at a council planning meeting.
Executives at the studios, in Studios Road, have begun construction on the Backlot site, rumoured to be for Keanu Reeves' new film 47 Ronin, even though the development has not yet been formally approved by councillors.

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Japan Remembers It's 47 Samurai Heroes

Every country has at least one story that strikes a deep chord within the heart and soul of a culture to resonate throughout society. It’s a story that illustrates the basic elements of a society so well that it’s told over and over again, passing from generation to generation. 

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From The Blog of Bea Kallos

Fans let us know that they were unable to see Bea Kallos blog pertaining to his colleagues lens incident. Here is that  blog post word for word.

Keanu Reeves Candaian origin US star two days ago arrived to Budapest.  We was waiting for him at the airport, and luckily was able to take some shoot about him. My agency, MTI was the first, who published pictures of his arrival to the hotel, where he gonna spend the next two month. 
On the first morning got a scoop, when he gonna leave the hotel, so, I want there, to have more shots about him. But not I was the only one, who had this information. with five of my collage we was waiting for him. Reeves car arrived, we took pictures, he was smiling, and suddenly one of my collage decided, he gonna try to get him once more, so he crossed the street, and ran after the car. But after few steps, his 300mm Canon lens falled down. The strap of the lens streamed. The lens fall down, and rolled few meters, than finally stopped. All of us was screaming and waving hands to the driver and Reeves, but they didn`t stopped, so the Rover crossed the lens finally. I guess, I will never forget that voice, and view. it is burned into my mind.
ually the most strange thing, there is no broken glass in the less, only the electronic part is broken. Canon offered a free service for my collage, cause actually this strap never ever should stream.

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47 Ronin Update Blogger

Welcome to our update blog for the 47 Ronin. We will do our best to update the blogger daily. Please help share our link and invite friends to join us. We would like to get the word out to as many as possible about the new film. Thank you!

  47 Ronin Official website

映画 「47RONIN」製作発表記者会見 press conference in London (2012年)

LONDON, March 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Universal Pictures announced today that principal photography begins March 14 on47 Ronin, the new epic 3D fantasy-adventure inspired by ancientJapan's most enduring tale. Keanu Reeves leads the cast as Kai, an outcast who joins Oishi (Hiroyuki Sanada), the leader of the 47 Ronin. Together they seek vengeance upon the treacherous overlord who killed their master and banished their kind. To restore honor to their homeland, the warriors embark upon a quest that challenges them with a series of trials that would destroy ordinary warriors.

47 Ronin Adds Four

With Keanu Reeves set to star in Carl Erik Rinsch‘s 47 Ronin, by my math, still leaves about 46 Ronin to be cast. The 3D production is heating up and Variety is reporting that four more roles have been cast. Japanese actors Tadanobu Asano, Kou ShibasakiRinko Kikuchi and Hiroyuki Sanada have all joined the film.

Keanu Reeves 3D epic '47 Ronin' starts shooting in March

Keanu Reeves 3D epic '47 Ronin' starts shooting in March

Friday, March 4, 2011

47 Ronin Begins Shooting This Month

Back in mid-January, Dave met withKeanu Reeves to discuss Henry’s Crime and also got an update from him on “47 Ronin”, which was known to be in development.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

47 Ronin Scriptwriter Chris Morgan

"The 47 Ronin is a true story that took place around 1700-1701. It's a time in Japanese culture when it was all about the bushido code and honor, and putting internal things over external things -- swords that were made to be functional instead of ornamental, that kind of stuff. This turning point in the culture when that started to shift. Society started to be more about external kind of things. The story is about these samurai whose lord is killed in an unfair way."
Scriptwriter Chris Morgan