Thursday, March 10, 2011

From The Blog of Bea Kallos

Fans let us know that they were unable to see Bea Kallos blog pertaining to his colleagues lens incident. Here is that  blog post word for word.

Keanu Reeves Candaian origin US star two days ago arrived to Budapest.  We was waiting for him at the airport, and luckily was able to take some shoot about him. My agency, MTI was the first, who published pictures of his arrival to the hotel, where he gonna spend the next two month. 
On the first morning got a scoop, when he gonna leave the hotel, so, I want there, to have more shots about him. But not I was the only one, who had this information. with five of my collage we was waiting for him. Reeves car arrived, we took pictures, he was smiling, and suddenly one of my collage decided, he gonna try to get him once more, so he crossed the street, and ran after the car. But after few steps, his 300mm Canon lens falled down. The strap of the lens streamed. The lens fall down, and rolled few meters, than finally stopped. All of us was screaming and waving hands to the driver and Reeves, but they didn`t stopped, so the Rover crossed the lens finally. I guess, I will never forget that voice, and view. it is burned into my mind.
ually the most strange thing, there is no broken glass in the less, only the electronic part is broken. Canon offered a free service for my collage, cause actually this strap never ever should stream.

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